For many years, I have been researching and writing about the economics of abundance and how the digital age challenges traditional economic thinking. At the same time, I have long been an defender and advocate of the open internet and the power of distributed technology - most recently with the highly influential paper for the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University: Protocols, Not Platforms.

The recent rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sits squarely at the intersection of these themes. Building on my years of experience, I aim to publish a new in-depth paper that explores the NFT phenomenon and its implications for the economics of scarcity and the open internet. But rather than just talk about NFTs, I hope to engage with them in the process - thus this project to raise funds for researching and writing the paper, which will ultimately be minted as an NFT itself. Your support will help make the Newly Finite Themes project a reality.

Below, you can read a complete outline of my background, the inspiration for the paper, and the subjects it will explore.

Patron podium
When the crowdfund ends, the top three backers are awarded a unique NFT. Take the lead and become a top three backer by contributing.
Time Remaining
If a contribution is placed within the last 15 minutes and changes the podium positions, the time is reset to 15 minutes.
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

How It Works

  1. Backers can send ETH to the crowdfund to support the research, writing, and design of the paper.
  2. Backers will receive $TDNFT token in return, and be listed as Producers in the paper, as well as receiving special NFT rewards at some tiers.
  3. The paper will be published in multiple formats, and will exist as permanent data on Mirror.
  4. The paper will be minted as an NFT and auctioned.
  5. When the NFT is sold, the ETH in the contract increases.
  6. $TDNFT tokens can be bought and sold, or redeemed for underlying ETH.

The Podium

To recognize our biggest supporters, the top three contributors will be listed as the Executive Producer, Producer, and Associate Producer of the paper, and will receive sole ownership of a special NFT denoting this role as seen above.


Backers who contribute 1 ETH or more to the project will be acknowledged as Primary Contributors in the paper, and will receive partial ownership of a special NFT commemorating the Protocols, Not Platforms paper. This tier is limited to 15 backers.